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Atelier - GOLD Semi-mounts and Mounts

Gold jewelry all around the world is increasingly being 'assembled' instead of being manufactured. Jewelry produced in a modern factory is well designed and produced with far lesser gold wastage then in a bench workshop.

The Atelier Pinkcity Range of mounting jewelry is designed by budding professional designers who have undergone jewelry design programs at some of the world’s leading design schools. Each piece so designed carries a signature of the designer and is an authentic original piece of jewelry.


Our designers come from all parts of the world and present fresh approach and rich cultural diversity in their work. The designers are thoughtfully briefed on the price points, themes and other commercial aspects of the business that matter before they begin their work. The result is exquisitely designed and yet an extremely sellable piece of jewelry for you.

 These designs are produced in a very cost efficient environment with ‘quality no compromise’ attitude in our factory in India, thus giving you the advantages of best of both the worlds.

 Technically speaking,:

  • High Quality Jewelry Castings; fully ready for Diamond setting
  • Diamond settings designed for hot market sizes
  • Unique settings
  • Accented by UNMATCHED Quality Genuine Colored Gemstones handcut by master cutters
  • Each mounting is fully tested and set before it is offered to clients
  • Gold Castings from Atelier Pinkcity collection features jewelry in all alloys 9K, 10k, 14 and 18k in suitable alloy colors
  • Just set diamonds, buff polish and electroplate

In Plain English,:


You gotta try the stuff.

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